We understand, visiting an unfamiliar church can be intimidating. We want to help you know exactly what to expect.

First of all, relax, because you're among friends. When you come through our doors, expect to be welcomed. Greeters will meet you as you come in, extend a friendly handshake and answer any immediate questions you may have. We're glad you chose to visit us, and we think you'll be glad too!

On Sunday mornings we have Bible classes for all ages that begin at 9:00 am followed by worship in the auditorium at 10:00. It lasts about an hour. Before we begin, people will be visiting, and they will introduce themselves to you. After all, you're our honored guest! You're welcome to sit anywhere you like. 

During worship, you’ll notice we sing a cappella, which means we sing without instruments. That's because the church in the New Testament did it that way. We’ll have some prayers and partake in communion, which is about remembering the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. Then, we’ll have our sermon taken from the Bible. We always give an invitation for people to respond at the end of the sermon. This is a time for someone to come forward and ask for prayers or be baptized. You’re also welcome to visit with an elder or minister.

We love kids and we know that it can be hard to visit somewhere, so relax and just enjoy class and worship. We have a room in the back of the auditorium if your child is wiggly or fussy and you can still see and hear worship. You can also take your children in the foyer if you like.