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What Is Life Recovery Fellowship All About?

Are You Facing Life Controlling Problems?

The list can include: dealing with grief, divorce, separation, addictions, anxiety, depression, loneliness, emotional or physical abuse, dependencies, compulsive behaviors, short-comings, character flaws, and the list could go on including a thousand circumstances in life…that have shattered our lives and dreams, separated us from God, harmed family and friend relationships, stifled our ability to communicate with others, diminished our self-worth, and has been detrimental to our well-being.

And if you are sick-and-tired at failed attempts to control, manage, or resolve these life controlling issues; then small group Life Recovery is for you. Life Recovery is a path of self-discovery. It is all about transformation from the inside-out. It is a 12 step process that results in a spiritual awakening in which you find help, discover hope, develop faith, experience healing, and live in peace. The motto: “My Life, God’s Way” will become your own.

There are millions of people that “go about living lives of quiet desperation” thinking that no one really cares. In “Life Recovery Fellowship” you’ll find a warm, encouraging, supportive group environment. You are not alone! We all are recovering from “something” in life!

Come join us today. We can help. Call and schedule your session of self-discovery. Learn to walk closer with God daily. The path to recovery is hard, but definitely worth the effort— as you move from being enslaved by your circumstance to find comfort, healing, peace and freedom in Jesus Christ.


Who Is Life Recovery Fellowship For?

These sessions are for every fellow struggler who has the courage to face the truth about themselves, the humility to abandon their flawed attempts at living, and the willingness to find God’s truth and live accordingly.



If you are currently attending other recovery programs, this Life Recovery Fellowship is not meant to take the place of any program you are currently involved in. This 12 step small group session is meant to enhance what you are currently achieving. It is “Bible Based and Christ Centered!”


If You Are In A Crisis: Here is a link to SAPS and Hotline Resources.


What To Expect Upon Arrival:

What To Expect”

Life Recovery is a small group support system that meets for 12 consecutive weeks, four times a year. You’ll find a warm, caring, and supportive environment.

Supplies Included: (are FREE, but not to be taken for granted. They are a gift. )

(However: Replacements are at your cost.)

1. Life Recovery Bible ($ 18.00 )

2. Life Recovery Workbook ($ 7.00)

3. Life Recovery Journal ($ 8.00)

4. Refreshments Provided

5. Step by Step Introductory Videos 1-12

6. Small Group Discussions


What Are The Benefits of Life Recovery Fellowship?

1. It is Christian oriented, Bible-based, Christ-Centered

2. Discover “The 12 Gifts” of Life Recovery

3. Develop skills in Bible Study, Prayer and Meditation, and Journaling.

4. Learn How To Live My Life, God’s Way”

5. Learn proper coping techniques for every day trials that tax your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual energies.

6. Stop Going In Unproductive Circles.

7. Recognize you are not alone!


What Are The Life Recovery Small Group Guidelines?

1.  Commit to the 12 week group session.

2. Commit to Working the Life Recovery Steps: during the week complete assignments.

3.  Recognize that all in group are trying to “Recover From Life” in some aspect, we are here to support one another, not “fix” another.

4. Have a willingness to seek God through His Word the Bible, and a Christ centered fellowship and focus.

5.  Respect Privacy: “What is said in group, Stays in Group.” Anonymity and confidentiality are basic requirements. The only exception is when someone threatens to injure themselves or others.

6.  Use Respectful Language: Offensive language has no place in a Christ-centered Life Recovery group.

7.  There is no cross talk. Cross talk is when two individuals engage in conversation excluding all others. Each person is free to express his or her feeling without interruptions.

8.  Sharing: Control your own sharing time. Keep your sharing focused on your own thoughts and feelings, because time is limited.

9.  Group Sessions need to start and end on time.

10.  Must be 18 years of age or attend with Parental/Guardian consent.

11. Comply with all Life Recovery Group Guidelines.


7. What Is The Typical Meeting Agenda Like?

1. Introductory Video: (of current step being studied)

2. Opening Prayer: “Serenity Prayer” (1920 full version by Reinhold Niebuhr)

3. Introductions of Participants: Examples:

Hello, my name is _____, “And I am a Life Recovering Sinner”


Hello, my name is _____, “And I am a Life Recovering Alcoholic” ( or and I am Life Recovering compulsive __________)


Hello, my name is _____, “And I am a Life Recovering Sinner” drowning in grief…

4. Readings:

1) PREFACE:***A5—A7

2) 12 Steps & Scriptures: A9

3) 12 Laws of Life Recovery: A10

4) 12 Missteps of Life Recovery: A12

5) 12 Gifts of Life Recovery: A14

5. Reflections: on the working of the current or previous steps…

6. Discussion of current Lesson:

1) Profiles: from workbook

2) Key Study Passages: workbook questions

3) Journal Questions: (LRJ)

4) Devotional Reading: LRB (NLT)

5) Recovery Connections: by John Schwary

7. Closing Prayer:“An Instrument of Peace” (By Francis of Assisi 12th century)


8. How Do I Schedule 12 Step Sessions for myself?

Notice: Groups fill up quick and are on a first come, first serve bases.

If groups are already full, you will be scheduled for next available sessions.


Use the contact information form below with your contact information and

you will be contacted ASAP.

Contact Information is:

Bullard Church of Christ:

P.O. Box 234

201 East Main Street

Bullard, Texas 75757

Life Recovery Fellowship”